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The court jester was the original executive coach, being the court player with special permission to speak truth to power, using a lateral approach to probe assumptions and expose frames with humor and wit

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Current day job is narrative strategy at Intel Corporation. Background is in consulting and product strategy. Formerly a Sr. UX Designer and Researcher (also at Intel).

Before that I worked in academia, teaching classes in advanced research methods, statistics, and psychology.

PhD in Human Factors. Master’s in Psychology. Certified in Decision Quality from Stanford. Trained in Sandler Selling, certified in MAPs Strategic Negotiation, in metaphor work by Mark Andreas, and in nonverbal communication and facilitation by Michael Grinder and Associates.


Design textbook (coauthored with Leo Frishberg)

UX Matters article (about using design provocations for innovation)

ZDNET article (about transformation work I helped with at Intel)

Podcast episode (me as a guest on The Inquisitor)

My most-cited article